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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ocean City Scores Lone U.S. ‘Celtic Yuletide’ Performance During Holidays

OCEAN CITY – A two-time Emmy award nominee, producer and singer is bringing his production, “Celtic Yuletide” to the Ocean City Convention Center for one performance this Saturday, Dec. 3

Michael Londra, an Irish singer and lead voice of Riverdance on Broadway, said the Ocean City performance will be the only U.S. concert for the 2016 year.

“It is random because I usually do 30 dates in November and December,” said Londra, who added that prior engagements in Dublin prevented him from staying in the U.S. longer.

“What happened was I had a window of four days in the U.S. and that date was already booked by the convention center,” Londra said. “I literally fly out the next morning to Dublin.”



Anonymous said...

I think riverdance has had it's time. Can't they come up with something more original?

Anonymous said...

How about you take a shower and get a job?

Anonymous said...

I have a job. How about you!
Just tried of the same old, same old!
River dance has been around for years! It's a production that has run its course. Nothing new, nothing original. If you like it fine, I personally would like to see something different. Better options away from this area.

Anonymous said...

So of you've seen one ballet you've seen them all? To the contrary. I plan on going- going to be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Three ladies hopping, la la la la.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- your version is not Emmy worthy. I'm sure the folks who decide who gets Emmys pUT unto account originality - new songs, dance routines and story lines. Of course the Irish step dancing will be part of it.

Anonymous said...


just a bunch of foot stomping