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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jill Stein Raises Millions for Recount, Source of Money Murky

Prior to the Thanksgiving Day holiday, failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein launched a fundraising effort to raise the millions needed to pay for a recount of election results in three of the key states that gave Donald Trump the White House, but the source of these millions of dollars is murky.

Just before the noon deadline on November 25, Stein filed an official petition for a recount in Wisconsin, one of at least three key states that gave Donald Trump a surprise win on Election Day, NBC reported on Friday.

Stein posted the fundraising message to the Internet after news broke that Clinton campaign chief John Podesta was meeting with supposed election experts who felt there may be evidence that election systems were hacked in the states that gave Trump the victory.

And as Hollywoodites reveled in the idea, Green Party nominee Jill Stein launched her fundraising effort to try to delegitimize Trump’s win and to raise the millions necessary to pay for recounts in at least three states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Stein launched her effort to raise this money the day before Thanksgiving by asking supporters to help her raise up to $3 million to force a recount in Wisconsin, the state with the closest deadline to the date when she launched her fundraising effort.

Shockingly in only a day Stein had raised that three million. And on a holiday at that.

After her initial goal was met, Stein raised the stakes several times and even more millions rolled in. And all still over the Thanksgiving holiday. She is now claiming she needs seven million to fund recounts in all three states, an amount almost three times higher than her initial goal.

Critics wonder where all this money is coming from. How do we know if this money didn’t come from foreign sources? Further, what reporting requirements will Stein be forced to satisfy to prove the source of the cash?

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Anonymous said...

Stein is ringing the bell and Hillary is dropping money in the bucket!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you lefties out there proud of your party of kooks and liars?

Anonymous said...

Drain the swamp

Anonymous said...

Clinton Foundation is the Source of the $$$$$$$$$$