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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Because He's Unemployed, Lives In Affordable Housing, Gets Food Stamps, Disability, Welfare & Is A Liberal Blogger


Johns Uncle Murray said...

Lmao.. and I just saw a video of a nice town in Florida.. Pensacola I believe, where the grinch headlined activities by lighting the town lights. If only such good things could happen here locally.. our grinch can't even stand on his own.. let alone host a town event

Anonymous said...

Its all a commercial backed holiday and a lie.....who gets excited about going further in debt.....only the department stores that sell the junk! I'm not the "Grinch" just a realistic person trying to survive week to week.

Anonymous said...

That guy is a sponge and should be cut off from ALL taxpayer funded assistance including disability which is no doubt BS. If he needs a job put him on a crew cleaning up trash on the road side. Just about any intersection would keep him busy for hours picking up cigarette butts. Liberal blogger= pure trash.