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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Neera Tanden To Podesta: "Violating The Law Doesn't Help Hillary"

In all the chaos surrounding the reopening of the FBI's probe into Hillary's emails, as well as the still resonating confusion over the Teneo's illicit dealings with the Clinton Foundation (which as we learned yesterday was also under investigation by the DOJ), one controversial topic has slipped between the cracks: Hillary's support and funding via Super PACs.

In an email from May 2015 we find that concerns about Hillary's exposure to SuperPACs was of utmost concern to Hillary Clinton's top aides, Neera Tander and John Podesta.

In the email from Judd Legum of Think Progress to Neera Tanden, referncing a WaPo article from May 12, 2015, titled "How a super PAC plans to coordinate directly with Hillary Clinton’s campaign"...


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