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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Maryland board approves $82 million in cuts to state budget

The Board of Public Works on Wednesday approved $82 million in budget cuts proposed by Gov. Larry Hogan to help close a gap left by revenues that have fallen as much as $225 million short of expectations.

The three-member board, which has the power to make cuts midway through the budget year, voted unanimously to approve the package. It was a far more modest trim to a $43 billion budget than some the board made during the recession.

State Budget Secretary David R. Brinkley minimized the impact of the reductions, saying that for some programs, including Medicaid, the state would fill in with off-budget funds. In other cases, he said, the cuts reflect declining caseloads in such areas as juvenile justice.



Anonymous said...

Declining caseloads in juvenille justice because we aren't holding them accountable for their actions!

Anonymous said...

MD crooks at the trough cut spending to save money for their personal wants and needs BUT do nothing to remove the burdens from MD families.

Anonymous said...

Can we vote to leave the western shore?