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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cotton: Clinton Foundation Looks Like 'Money Laundering Operation'

Sen. Tom Cotton heavily criticized the Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during a Tuesday morning interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show.

Hewitt asked Cotton how quickly he believes the FBI could complete its new review of emails related to Clinton’s private email server.

“650,000 emails is a lot of emails,” the Arkansas senator noted. “But then again, when you use modern searching techniques, you might be able to winnow it pretty quickly.”

“You would think that even if it’s in the thousands, or tens of thousands, the FBI has enough agents that they could review them pretty quickly,” he continued. “A lot of these agents are pretty familiar with the subject material, having investigated the Clinton email server to begin with. Some of them, apparently, have been investigating the Clinton Foundation now for months.”



Anonymous said...

Not Looks like >>> But IS a Money Laundering operation

Anonymous said...

This may just get the Clintons in jail or prison
if the the E-mails don't.... The Foundation....
FBI looking at it tooo .....stay tuned......

Anonymous said...

Ducks. If it looks like...quacks like, waddles like...Well, you know the rest.