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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Commissioners Advance Showell Project After School Board Cuts Overall Project Cost

SNOW HILL – Plans for a new Showell Elementary School are again moving forward following the school system’s efforts to bring the project’s cost down.

On Tuesday, the Worcester County Commissioners approved a $1.6 million funding request from the Worcester County Board of Education. The funding will allow the school system to complete the design and construction documents for the new school.

“We finally got somewhere,” Commissioner Jim Bunting said. “I appreciate everybody’s patience. I think it’s paid off.”

The construction of a new Showell Elementary School has proven to be a controversial one during the past year. While no one disputes the need for a new building, county leaders and school system officials have been at odds over the project’s price. After early school system estimates set the cost at $54 million, the commissioners developed their own pro forma cost estimate of $37 million.

When education officials presented plans for a $46 million facility in September, the commissioners said they needed more time to consider the project and its financial impact.



Anonymous said...

Looks like Bunting and his buddies were played like a fine ole violin. Just up the price so in the end you get what you really
want. Worcester BOE met with Dr. Freddy and his clan to see how it's done. But in the end everyone looks good and the taxpayers get screwed.

Anonymous said...

You people are the biggest bunch of tax crybabies ever. Tax dollars this, tax dollars that. You are screwed because you live in MD to begin with. Don't like the taxes, move.

Anonymous said...

The commissioners didn't figure in the overruns and graft.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bozos, how about pricing up a 4 sided building with one roofline with the same interior spaces?

Oh, gosh! Half price????


Anonymous said...

Simple architectural design was fine for schools previous but some where along the line it seems each district tries to out do the other looking for a 'Wright design' award. Look at the wasted space that is heated in most of the new school designs such as Stephen Decauters big hall! That is space which should have been used for class rooms and not an open air atrium. That 8:07 is what is meant by wasted tax dollars. In a few years they will need more class room space and low and behold the atrium space should have been class rooms, instead tear it down and build new!

Anonymous said...

I've always said 4 sides and a roof with everything symmetrical you would get your building at a nominal cost. But these idiots have got to have the fanciest types of buildings with multiple angles. Every angle or knook and cranny the price goes up. Ching, Ching.

Look at all the fancy glass, corners and angles at Bennett HS? Look at the brickwork. Six different bricks, now really?

Anonymous said...

They are not even done with Snow Hill High School and they are spending more of your tax dollars.