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Friday, October 21, 2016

Wicomico Tables Impact Fee Talks, But Council Plans To Revisit Issue Soon

SALISBURY – Wicomico County Council members did not vote to repeal development impact fees in Tuesday’s meeting, but instead have tabled discussions until other proposed options are reviewed.

Councilman Ernest Davis suggested altering portions of the current code that would eliminate the fees, but not the legislation, allowing the county to re-add fees in the future if needed.

Council President John Cannon, however, said keeping the legislation, even without a dollar amount, would do nothing for the county.

“I didn’t vote to table the issue because I thought it was a matter of semantics,” he said. “I don’t really see what you are gaining because whether the bill is still on the books or it is deleted, someone can still bring it back on the table later.”

Cannon said he was surprised by the turn of events at Tuesday’s meeting and was certain the repeal would pass.



Anonymous said...

Between this and the mandated supressor/sprinkler system, nobody wants to build a home here. You better hurry it up and get you heads out of your arse!

Anonymous said...

Of course they tabled it. Many on this council with only one exception can't seem to do anything but talk a subject damn near to death. That is only thing they accomplish.

If there is the smallest chance of increasing taxes, fees, fines etc. they will pass that proposal faster than one can blink. Of course the conniving behind closed door meetings is always helpful.

Cannon and his girls need to grow up or do us a favor and get out.