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Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 14: And So It Continues...

Day 14 of the Podesta Emails as they continue to come further. Also there are hints that more to come regarding Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile.

Revealed today is this startling snippet. A Venezuelan-owned company is controlling some of the voting machines. For more info on why this is significant see inset image.

In other surrounds... this morning, David Goodfriend, former Clinton aide, became very irate on Fox News with Bill Hemmer when questioned about the revelations within the WikiLeaks troves of Treasures. He even went so far as to claim that 'his' emails on WikiLeaks were altered - which is false. His truculence only further prove the organization (WikiLeaks) is a threat to their power structure and accurately portraying the DNC/Clinton Campaign cartel in all it's corrupt glory.

Additionally, ask yourselves this... When WikiLeaks was revealing corruption in the Bush Administration, the Left heralded them as heroes! Accurate. Precise. However, now, they are damning the organization. Shouldn't this be a sign to you all? Only the nose knows...and this smell of desperation and pathetic subterfuge that everyone sees through at this point.

Dare to inform yourself...


Anonymous said...

The whole gang of Clinton's are corrupt and all this information needs to come out and be read by EVERYONE before you waste your vote on Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Soro's and company has ties to this as well. It is part of his world order dominance. He'll rig the machines across the country and if it looks like Hillary is losing, he'll pull a quick one. She is his puppet. Hillary whored this country away for money into her bank accounts.