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Friday, October 21, 2016

Cops And Courts – October 21, 2016

OCEAN CITY — A Whaleyville man was arrested on disturbing the peace and resisting arrest charges last week after allegedly sauntering across Coastal Highway at a slow speed, causing traffic to brake, before defying police attempts to question him.

Around noon last Thursday, an Ocean City Police Department officer was on marked patrol in the area of 114th Street when he observed an individual, later identified as Ethan Bezold, 23, walking across the highway at an unusually slow pace with both hands in his pockets. The officer noted in the report Bezold was crossing the highway about 20 feet north of the clearly marked crosswalk.

The officer observed a work truck heading south on Coastal Highway dramatically decrease its speed in order to avoid hitting Bezold, who was still in the traffic lanes and had not quickened his pace. The officer circled around and located Bezold in the Gold Coast Mall parking lot. According to police reports, the officer rolled down his window and told Bezold to stop, but Bezold looked at him and continued to walk away at the same slow pace.

The officer then pulled his vehicle in front of Bezold and told him to stop, but Bezold continued to refuse to comply. The officer got out of his vehicle and ordered Bezold to stop and to take his hands out of his pockets, but Bezold continued walking. When the officer asked Bezold to produce some identification, Bezold reportedly told the officer he did not have to because he had done nothing wrong and continued to walk away.

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Anonymous said...

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Busted in Ocean City for crossing the street. Busted in Delaware for walking on the side of the road without a flashlight.

What great cops we have.

Zorro said...

7:27....Some police today look for reasons to conduct a stop on you....for example:::State Troopers @ Berlin Barracks will drive up on the rear of your vehicle in a aggresive manner, and at a high rate of speed (at night)...hoping you sway or weave to conduct a traffic stop....happens regularly.....A lawsuit in the making...