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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary Is Going To Lose

The negative comments have so many Likes.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

I pray you're right.

Anonymous said...

Going there to visit will register as a visit. But you can always leave a comment and tell Hillary what you think! And give a "Like" to comments you find are what you think, too.

Anonymous said...

I swear she's crazy, look at that picture of her!!

Anonymous said...

She deserves to lose.

Unknown said...

if 'we the people' are the only ones who count, she SHOULD lose and lose big. however, I am concerned about that computer program that can change votes, the corruption in the election commission and other things as well as things I don't know about that will be used for her to steal the election. she is a criminal so don't expect a fair election.

Anonymous said...

The UN saying to her to put Trump away should be enough to change even Democrats to vote Trump she is for a one world government.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is going to be president of something. Queen of Cellblock C. Hope she's liking orange because it's about to become her new black.

Anonymous said...

Also, what should alarm people too as well as someone like killary even allowed to run for office is the general direction of this country and it's government. Am I the only one that sees the country going down a dark path? People like to throw around terms like conspiracy theorists, tin foil hats and the like, but if one would just step back and take an HONEST assessment of the things that are right in front of us in plain view, it should make you shudder.

Police state, losing our rights, excessive force, all these and more are really happening. Granted, not every single time those phrases are uttered makes it true but they happen nonetheless. This country as a whole is moving towards a state we haven't seen before. At the same time powers that be blow it off, ridicule others who see what is happening and try to paint them as crazy for even suggesting some of the things that THEY are doing.

This election is just one more prime example of it. People are encouraged to be outraged about words and phrases that have nothing to do with policy, growth, general well being. They only serve as a distraction so the real issues do not get discussed.

We can kill a thousand people a year and that's no big deal but don't allow anyone to talk about stealing kisses or touching anyone in certain areas, no matter if it's true or not.

Meanwhile we will just keep stacking the deck against you, denying you your rights (which are really privileges if they can take away a right), and tell you everything is fine and will continue to be as long as you help me stay in power.

The truth has become a liability and a casualty. Doing the right thing is now illegal, unethical and immoral.

And above all else, keep hating your neighbor. We can't allow you to come together and live in peace. That does not serve our functions.

Anonymous said...

No she won't loose it is Rigged for her to Win and

she already has the numbers

Her and Bill must own all the right ones to get her there

The Teflon Clintons