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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CBS News/YouGov Utah Poll: Trump Leads by 17 Points

While several recent polls from Utah have suggested Donald Trump is recapturing his lead there, an astounding new survey from CBS News and YouGov finds him with a 17-point lead over Hillary Clinton, far beyond what other polls suggest.

Independent write-in candidate Evan McMullin, whose campaign is almost entirely dedicated to attacking Trump, plays a major role in the CBS/YouGov poll… but he might be hurting Clinton at least as much as Trump. In fact, he’s tied with Hillary Clinton in Utah.

Donald Trump leads with 37 percent, while Hillary Clinton and Evan McMullin draw 20 percent each, followed by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson with 7 percent and Jill Stein of the Green Party with 1 percent.



Anonymous said...

And just what is the demographic polled in this poll? When you put this up you really should put up ALL the information. For example, one of CBS's polls showing Hillary in the lead, polled 50% more democrats than Indies and Republicans combined! Yes. It was a skewed poll, so this eye-catching headline is very misleading.

Steve said...

This might be a random poll of 10,000 randomly picked people regardless of anything but an address.

Most "polls" we are "informed" of are skewed demographic, 500- 1500 people of known political affiliation.