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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is The US On The Verge Of Mass Race Riots?

Ferguson, Baltimore, Ferguson (again), Milwaukee, Charlotte. Much has been made by the media of the recent riots that have taken place across America.

Which begs the question: Are these riots passing occurrences or, like a series of smaller seismic events, a forewarning of much larger mass civil unrest to come? For the answers, we take a quick trip back in time.

Watts the Problem?

Although today’s “flash” riots are increasingly common, they pale in comparison to what took place in the Los Angeles suburb of Watts in 1965 where over six days of rioting and looting 34 people died, 3,500 were arrested, and over $40 million in property damage was done ($300 million in 2016 dollars).

The riots were sparked when black motorist Marquette Frye was arrested for drunk driving. Locals watched on as the incident unfolded, with word quickly spreading that police had assaulted Frye and a pregnant woman, triggering the Watts riots. Although Frye’s arrest set off the riots, it was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back, unleashing decades of pent-up frustration within the black ghetto.

Starting in the 1920s, large populations of black people migrated north to cities such as Detroit, St. Louis, and Los Angeles to pursue jobs in newly established manufacturing industries. In LA, the black population jumped from 4% in 1940, to 14% in 1965. But there was a problem.



Anonymous said...

If things seem to be getting a little bit dicey prior to or after the election, I'm gonna carry if I need to. Maryland be damned. But it would be concealed, meaning no one can tell. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I say if the thugs want to play let them and see what happens if they come up on my family tut tut.

Anonymous said...

I think the Dems are trying to agitate this so they can call it a race war, but we blacks, hispanics and whites should stay together and go after the real enemy, the Status Quo Republicans and Democrats who are trying their best to deprive us Constitutional Americans of Donald Trump. That's who the real enemy of America is.

Unless we define our enemy, we cannot fight effectively.

Anonymous said...

I will be waiting for the fireworks after election night. There will be violence in either case. That's part of the reason so many people are quietly purchasing firearms. I don't look for this to be good!