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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wikileaks uncovers attempt to protect Obama in email scandal

'Hillary couldn't be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well'

One of the nation’s top legal minds, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, told WND the latest WIkileaks bombshell confirms his belief that Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted for mishandling classified information because President Obama would have been implicated, too.

Wikileaks released an email on Friday from March 4, 2015, sent by Clinton’s eventual presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, to her attorney Cheryl Mills, asking if they should decline to turn over emails between Clinton and President Obama sent over her private server.

Podesta suggested invoking “executive privilege” to withhold the emails just one day after the House Benghazi Committee had told Clinton to provide all her emails.



Anonymous said...

Love it exposing the cockroaches. Hopefully and i pray TRUMP the exterminator will turn the country back on its intended course

Anonymous said...

All of them should be serving time, and I don't mean in the white house either. And yes, they should be exterminated.