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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Worcester could be alluring for tech startups

No one has to tell Ryan Mete about the positive impacts of conducting business on the coast. He also has a few ideas about what could be the next big thing here, as Worcester County marks “Economic Development Week.”

Mete, who resides in Berlin, is a senior software engineer with Studio Codeworks and primarily telecommutes. That experience has led him to believe that Worcester County is a prime location for tech startups.

“Because of the nature of the tech industry, because it’s all computer-based, I can work from my home office,” he said. “If there’s a meeting that’s scheduled, I’ll drive up for the day and have face-to-face time with a client, and then I’ll go back home.”

Despite the occasional trek over the Chesapeake to visit the Studio Codeworks home office in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Mete spends the bulk of his workday on the Eastern Shore



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but not going to happen. The tech industry is moving to Northern Virginia. There's not enough skilled labor on the Eastern shore. Stick with farming, raising chickens, working at the hospital, collecting welfare, working at Wawa, a doctors office or a restaurant. That's the only jobs in the jobs for most of the people on the shore. If you're lucky you're able to open up your own business or move across the bay.

bob pinto said...

Yes, and we have a fabulous fiber-optic cable running alongside Rt 50 that nobody has tapped into except a school in Chestertown.

They built a "hi tech" zone near the airport in Cambridge that nobody has the slightest interest in but was opened with fanfare.

How can you anything high tech with 20th century technology? Croatia has better internet.

Anonymous said...

That tech zone in cambridge will be booming if the build a new bridge to western shore there.