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Saturday, September 17, 2016

OC tow companies accuse Delaware firm of poaching

In a larger discussion of tow rates regulations imposed by the Ocean City government, local automotive business owners brought up a practice they say is undercutting their operations.

“There is M.A.G Towing & Auto Service Center in Roxana, Delaware, and they’re towing cars out of here left and right,” said John Derrickson of John’s Autobody Repair & Tow in Berlin, who served as a spokesperson for the half-dozen of towing companies during Monday’s Police Commission. “That tax base of those tows is going back to Delaware, Sussex County.”

Although city officials were quick to point out that M.A.G Towing meets all of the insurance requirements with a business license and truck tags, towing company owners responded that in the state of Maryland it is illegal to tow for police agencies without state requirements.



Barney Rubble said...

Ocean City is not a State and therefore cannot demand state requirements. They should restrict towing to City businesses.

Anonymous said...

They are all scum and just goes to show they want a monopoly to steal money. RICO?

Anonymous said...

A Business / Hotel / tour company cannot operate within the city limits of OC without jumping through hoops, buy special permit and then strictly prohibited on their travel areas. What is the difference? They are a bunch of liberal democRATs that rip off people and businesses. That is why I quit going to OC 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Scum is an understatement!! Their bunch of crooks and one locally in salisbury caught up in major drug bust. The only decent one and fair and courteous is Adkins toeing out of delmar.

Anonymous said...

I remember like 12 to 15 years ago when my roommate worked for seaport taxi in the Delaware beach area there was a big stink because cabs from ocean city were hanging around town picking up seaports local customers. The town of Rehoboth pretty much told seaport to suck it up because they had purchased business licenses. My roommate, his coworkers and a bunch of their friends "got back" at the OC cabs by calling in dozens of fake runs every night for the last couple weeks of summer lol.

JoeAlbero said...

What a bunch of anonymous cowards. You little girls come on here attacking people by name while hiding behind anonymous. Where I come from we call people like you pussies.