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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Suspect, civilian killed after shooting injures 2 officers, 3 civilians In Philly

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) - Philadelphia Police are investigating a shooting in West Philadelphia that killed one civilian and injured 5 other people, including two officers. The suspect was also shot and killed following a shootout with police late Friday night.

SKYFOX was over the scene where shots rang out near 51st and Sansom Streets around 11:20 p.m. Friday.

The injured officers have been identified as Sgt, Sylvia Young, 46, and UPenn Police Officer Eddie Miller, 56. Sgt. Young is a 19-year veteran of the force, and police say she was on a special assignment Friday night. Officer Miller is a retired Philadelphia Police officer who has been with UPenn Police for two years.

Both officers were rushed to Penn Presbyterian Hospital where they were listed in stable condition. Early Saturday morning Philadelphia Commissioner Ross said both officers were up and speaking. Sgt. Young was shot several times in the arm and protective vest.

Three civilians were also injured by gunfire during the suspect’s violent rampage, including one woman who was used as a human shield before being shot in the leg. Two more civilians were shot as the suspect fired shots at their car. A man and woman inside the car were both struck in the chest. The woman has since succumbed to her injuries, while the man remains in critical condition.



Anonymous said...

That area is deep ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to thank obama for. He is an evil man who instead of calling for lawfulness calls for lawlessness. A special place in hell awaits obama and ALL those who support him. God won't bless those who enable evil liars like obama or clinton for that matter and you won't ever see His rewards. The devil's so pleased with how low many in the US have become and follow his doctrine of evilness called the democrat party and it's principles.

Anonymous said...

Obama had nothing to do with a criminal pissed off at the court system/cops/probation department and goes all Rambo.

Anonymous said...

Cue the dumb a$$ liberals in 1,2... - Oh I am too late they already commented.