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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

EXCLUSIVE: Parties, receptions, radio addresses: How brazen Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were never far apart UNTIL their steamy phone sex was intercepted by Russia and the UK

What began as a gripping handshake and a flirtatious and furious batting of her eyelashes turned into tawdry sex in every nook and cranny of the Oval Office, including on the revered President's desk.

It was the ultimate fatal attraction after Bill Clinton met Monica Lewinsky at a White House function in 1997, and these photos reveal how the shameless couple posed up together as well as her constantly lurking nearby.

The affair changed both their lives forever and the fallout from the sexual liaison has never subsided, according to Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne in his book, Crisis of Character.

Lewinsky became a pariah who disappeared from public view for years and for Bill, the repercussions of impeachment over the duplicity have haunted wife Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.


1 comment:

lmclain said...

It MUST be hell for hillary to know that every time she leaves Bill's sight, he's lining up his next much so that the Secret Service has nicknames for them. The press has the pictures.
It must be hell to have to kiss and hug him on stage to show how strong they are, all the while knowing that everyone around them knows what ol' bill is doing. He has no shame and she has no pride, but they both have tons of ambition.
She's just a tramp, doing what she gotta do and gettin' paid...
Keep cheering.