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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Maryland commission to recommend repeal of 'overly burdensome' business regulations

A commission reviewing Maryland's regulatory environment for business is expected to hand in its second report in December recommending repeals of "overly burdensome" regulations, Chairman Abba David Poliakoff said Friday.

Gov. Larry Hogan created the Regulatory Reform Commission last year through an executive order with the goal of figuring out how to improve Maryland's business friendliness. The commission delivered the first of three scheduled reports last December, recommending items such as consolidating professional licenses and reviewing the state's procurement process. The latest report comes ahead of the 2017 General Assembly.

Last year, the commission hosted meetings across the state and received feedback from more than 250 businesses. This year, Poliakoff said, the commission created four workgroups to discuss regulatory reform in the areas of environmental/land use, financial services, occupations and business licensing and health care.


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Won't happen soon enough.