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Saturday, September 17, 2016

At Her First Campaign Rally Since Collapsing, THIS Happened to Hillary!

Hillary Clinton has had the worst week of her horribly corrupt political career.

Once considered the favorite in the 2016 presidential race, Team Hillary probably knows it’s already over. Donald Trump’s poll numbers continue to skyrocket.

And no one seems to be showing up for Hillary’s events, unlike Trump’s. Trump can fill massive arenas and outdoor venues, while Hillary Clinton can barely fill a high school auditorium.

That’s because the Democrat grassroots just isn’t excited for Hillary, like they were for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The DNC had to rig the election on every level with “Superdelegates” to ensure Hillary could win the primary election, even after losing many states.

Hillary Clinton, who is very ill, has returned to the campaign trail after a week off.

And at her first rally, fewer than 300 people showed up. This is pathetic!



Anonymous said...

Doesn't this seem unusual to all of you , something is up , I don't know what evil lurks but you can assure something is going on at the Hillary camp and obama . Mark my word.
Having said that , what a mess Trump has to clean up.

Steve said...

Maybe if they brought BOTH Hillary's out they could double the crowd size?

IDK, the "polls" have her and Trump almost neck and neck.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Who actually has been asked how they are gonna vote? I sure haven't. Don't trust these so called polls

Go Trump

Anonymous said...

I would not put it past the Democrats to replace Hillary with Biden. All the democrats love that moron. He would win easily.