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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

White Woman Dragged From Car In Charlotte. Police Watch And Do Nothing

A Charlotte resident describes how a BLM protester attacked a woman in front of police

Infowars reporter talks to a man who was just attacked by Black lives matter.

His white female roommate was dragged from car and almost kidnaped by BLM thugs in uptown Charlotte.

Largest Police Presence We’ve Ever Seen At A Protest



Anonymous said...

To the background music of "It has only just begun!"
then you hear:

"Yo, saddle up - LOCK AND LOAD!" Staff Sgt Robert Barnes (Actor Tom Berenger from the movie Platoon 1986)

TRUMP 2016!

Anonymous said...

Attempted murder robbery abduction assault but NOT PROTESTING.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter

Anonymous said...

The police officers that stood by for this should be identified and fired. Bring charges against them if possible.

Anonymous said...

She should have had a gun!!!