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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Season Debut of Last Man Standing Proves ABC News Knowingly Lying About Election Polls

Many American’s who had been impatiently waiting for over 5 months for the sixth season opener for Last Man Standing, were treated to a debut episode this past Friday that ended with the last scene featuring Tim Allen, saying the following comment.

“Trying to separate a mama bear from its cub is like trying to separate Hillary from her Wall Street Moneymen.”

Arguably many people who laughed at Tim Allen’s political joke most likely missed the significance of what actually his scripted line implies about the popularity of Hillary Clinton and how ABC News has constantly falsely reported the general election polls over the past few months.

For those of you who are familiar with ABC’s sitcom “Last Man Standing,” the writers throughout the first five seasons have written numerous jokes disparaging Barrack Obama. That fact should not surprise anyone who understands how television and movie scripts are written to appeal to the majority of the public. 

There is no doubt that public opinion influences the shows and movies we watch on television and in our cinemas. For instance, one of America’s most popular sitcoms, “The Simpsons” underwent major revisions when many parent groups and millions of American’s complained about Bart Simpson repeatedly saying, “Eat My Shorts.”

In another example, numerous people were offended by the movie Terminator because the Terminator killed everyone it came in contact with. Responding to millions of outraged people, in the sequels that followed the original movie, the Terminator’s violence was limited to injuring people.



Anonymous said...

I believe they lie to cover up what's coming . the corrupt election with all the illegal votes and fixed machines.

Anonymous said...

"The fact is that Hillary Clinton spends tens of millions of dollars with ABC and other broadcasting companies for political advertising, and therefore receives favors from the broadcasting companies she spreads her adverting dollars around to." Enough said.