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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fresno Police Closing In On Thugs Who Attacked Patrol Car


Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has a warning for the people who attacked and vandalized a California patrol SUV – arrests are coming.

Sunday afternoon in southwest Fresno, a California Highway Patrol officer spotted tire smoke at an intersection and went to investigate, finding a Chevrolet Tahoe burning donuts in the street. A large group of people were blocking the street while they watched several cars driving recklessly in the streets.

The officer got out of his SUV to issue a citation, when the crowd nearby shouted for the driver to speed away, so he took off. The officer then got back in his vehicle to pursuing the fleeing vehicle, and that’s when the crowd attacked, kicking and hitting the patrol vehicle, smashing windows and denting the side paneling, reported the Fresno Bee.

“F**k the police… we run the streets!” they yelled.



Anonymous said...

That is how stupid you people are... They have tracking systems all over the place even in your god damn dryer and you people think they can't find out who you are? even if your face is covered? They have facial recognition you clowns... They can even tell if you are faking a limp or not... I told you it would be to late to stand up and fight and it sure is now, with all of this technology in place... Welcome to the mark of the beast...

Anonymous said...

Then they should use to uncover welfare fraud.

Anonymous said...

You are correct on all counts.