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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gun Control Keeps Urban Residents Dependent on Government

During a recent conversation with Breitbart News, Black Guns Matter (BGM) founder Maj Toure explained that gun control is one of the tools Democrats use to keep urban residents dependent on government.

Regarding Chicago’s South Side, Baltimore’s inner city, and other similar, Democrat-run areas, Toure said:

"There are people deliberately trying to make the urban demographic poor, uneducated, and dependent on government. The people doing this know that more dependence means more control. And that’s not a theory. That’s actually what happens. The unfortunate part is when elected officials are doing it, they are sometimes getting a check on the back end. And they see the violence but think, “Well, I don’t live over there so it doesn’t matter.”

Toure stressed that gun control plays a role in creating this dependence. He said the urban demographic is kept in the dark about their Second Amendment rights “by design.” Therefore, it is “not an accident” that residents on Chicago’s South Side or Baltimore’s inner city associate guns with crime rather than self-defense and freedom. They are not told about their rights in hopes of making them increasingly dependent on the government for protection.

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Dave T: Another great article you won't find being covered by the lame stream media. Thanks again SBY news. Great job !

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Good article