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Friday, August 26, 2016

Zip line company says woman unhooked safety gear

DOVER — A Felton woman who fell 35 feet to her death from a zip line platform had disconnected herself from the safety system, the attraction’s operator said Thursday.

Delaware State Police investigators are investigating how Tina Werner tumbled off the platform at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure attraction in Lums Pond State Park on Wednesday.

Participants at Go Ape courses are equipped with climbing harnesses and two sets of ropes with carabiners that they unclip and clip to safety wires in sequence as they move through the trees.

Werner, 59, of Felton, had completed the required safety training, and was nearing the end of the course when she fell, said Jeff Davis, a spokesman for Go Ape. The attraction in Bear spans seven acres and includes four zip lines and a variety of swings, rope ladders, bridges and trapezes.

“Participant witnesses have stated that at the time of the accident the participant had unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system,” Davis said in an email.



Anonymous said...

Always blame the customer. Where were your employees, and why did you let her unhook?

Anonymous said...

thats a shame.

Anonymous said...

@12:13 If other participating witness saw her unhook then it isn't the company blaming the customer. After taking a safety course this ADULT customer decided to unhook her safety equipment then it is her fault! Not the company! Do companies have to hold your hand everyday?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you

Anonymous said...

Told ya gravity was to blame.