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Friday, August 26, 2016

There’s one thing about our Olympics team NO ONE will discuss…so I will

Well, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are over and the U.S. completely dominated the final medal count overall. In my assessment, the Olympics kinda ended with a whimper, as the focus became the foolish scandal surrounding Ryan Lochte. But as I was watching the Olympics, and paying attention to some changes in our Department of Defense policy, I must ask a question and seek your thoughts, perspectives and insights. Now that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, an Obama figurehead, declared all combat duty positions open to females in the U.S. military, I just have to ask: why do we still have male-female separate sports teams?

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, issued a directive, shared here, that there will no longer be gender-biased duty descriptions; everything is gender neutral. You know, no more infantrymen or artillerymen…even no more corpsman. I tend to believe Barack Obama appreciated that since he had issues pronouncing the last one.

So if, when it comes to our national security where progressive socialists don’t recognize gender differences, why then is it the case in sports? I mean do we really need NBA and WNBA? Why not just have a single National Basketball Association where everyone gets to try out, male or female. I mean c’mon, if the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America can declare all duty positions in the U.S. military open to females — and Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, an Army logistics officer, can declare women are just as capable as men in combat — why have separate teams? 



Anonymous said...

Allen needs to stay out of the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

He has an excellent point and I think we should have a congressional hearing to sort this mess out.

Anonymous said...

Good point ..... libtards, stick your heads in the sand ... again

Anonymous said...

yeah put women on the NFL I want to see how many are left after the first quarter

Anonymous said...

They are targeting the armed forces for humiliation because liberals detest the military.