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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hardwire’s NYPD Contract Helping Another County Business

SNOW HILL – No one doubted that the large contract Hardwire LLC acquired with the NYPD would benefit the Pocomoke-based company. What many may not have realized is that other Worcester County businesses are beginning to profit from Hardwire’s success.

As Hardwire builds bulletproof doors for the NYPD, Snow Hill Auto Body is painting them.

“We’re glad to be involved,” said John Fiscus, manager at Snow Hill Auto Body. “It’s keeping money on the shore and keeping people employed.”

According to George Tunis, chairman and CEO of Hardwire, the company has a large contract with the NYPD to up-armor police cars, outfitting them with bulletproof doors.

“This is the first mass application of bulletproof patrol car doors in the United States,” Tunis said. “We’re doing thousands of doors.”



Anonymous said...

And only available to the government! Jesus! Soon every cop car will like this! And why? Whos paying! Thank God it's only NY for now!

Anonymous said...

Some people would complain if they were hung
with a new rope

Anonymous said...

Maybe you haven't noticed the dozens of attacks on cops over the last year.

Anonymous said...

I'd be thankful to have a bullet resistant door to use for cover and concealment, not to mention just for driving around in NYC or Chicago or a hundred other cities.

Anonymous said...

Armored cars are available to anyone who has the money to buy.

Anonymous said...

NYC, Manhattan is one of the safest cities in America now. People should educate themselves before speaking/typing.

Anonymous said...

2:08 and? So? They get paid more than well for their lack of services! I'll be damned if baby Mike or Babs requests these and thinks we are gonna pay for it! And factually police deaths are at a low in the past decades and they're more than safe! Everyone drinks the koolaid! Blue lives matter and black live matter! It's us few who aren't jaded!