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Saturday, August 27, 2016

7 Ways Democrat Policies Are Killing America’s Inner Cities

For decades, the Democratic party has pushed policies that have turned America’s inner cites into islands of profound impoverishment — neighborhoods where shattered families are often housed, doctored, educated, and fed by bureaucrats.

There’s a misery in many of America’s inner cities that projects perpetual poverty.

Below are seven truths about how the Democratic party’s policies are destroying America’s inner cities, all while taking the voters who live there for granted.

Middle class Americans and African-Americans in inner cities in this country aren’t benefiting from ObamaCare compared to other groups.

According to an extensive 65-page report by The Urban Institute, obtaining coverage has been much harder for black Americans than it has been for Hispanics and American Indians.

In February, black business owners railed against the Obama administration’s decision to funnel millions in Obamacare subsidies to illegal immigrants.

Hardworking black Americans in America’s inner cities are being crushed under the weight of an illegal alien workforce, ever expanding as a direct result of the policies of President Obama.

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Anonymous said...

We have no proofs that the Democratic Party has improved any facet of life for minorities in the inner cities. What we do have is the constant chant by local and State and Federal Democrat politicians saying, in the most general of ways, that there are proofs. Call on them to show us those proofs.