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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Estée Lauder Exec Got Appt. After Clinton Foundation Donation

Executive Director of org that donated $1 to $5 million to Clinton Foundation appointed to council on HIV/AIDS

Estée Lauder executive Nancy Mahon was appointed to a government council and received special government employee status after donating to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Executives at Estée Lauder were among those who got face time with Secretary Clinton after they donated to the Clinton Foundation, according to an AP report. However, Nancy Mahon not only met with Clinton, she also was appointed to a government position after a fund she helped run pledged millions to the Foundation in 2008.

Mahon is a senior vice president at Estée Lauder and the global executive director of the MAC AIDS Fund, the cosmetics company’s charitable arm. Through the fund, she pledged a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2008. The MAC AIDS Fund ultimately donated between $1 and $5 millionto the Clinton Foundation.



Anonymous said...

There's no one more qualified to be on a board dealing with a ravaging disease than a makeup executive, right?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the cosmetics don't help old Hillary either!