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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alexander: The Clinton Crime Syndicate

The essential facts about Hillary Clinton's "ethical lapses" — corrupt activities that should render her ineligible for office, if not eligible for prison.

In 1992, a young charismatic Democrat from Arkansas, William Jefferson Clinton, defeated a stale older GOP presidential candidate, and then, over two presidential terms, established himself as the undisputed champion of the "BIG lie."

In 2008, another young charismatic Demo, Barack Hussein Obama, defeated another stale older GOP presidential candidate, and then, over two presidential terms, took the art of big lies to a whole new level.

However, their considerable skills of duplicity and deception notwithstanding, both Bill and Barack have been displaced by the most shameless of all prevaricators, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lies about everything.

I have previously outlined Hillary's prolific record of felonious activities and deadly malfeasance in a chronological study, "From Little Rock to Foggy Bottom." Now she's endeavoring to nationalize the political extortion and profiteering she mastered as secretary of state.

In this bizarre quadrennial election cycle, when voters are tasked with choosing the least unfit candidate to lead the blossoming kakistocracy — government by the least qualified and principled charlatan — allow me to highlight what I believe are the two most significant Clinton political liabilities.

The flood of 24-hour talking-head news recycling about the latest evidence of Clinton's corruption and cronyism is delivered by fire hose from the right-of-center media, and by an occasional dribble from the dominant Leftmedia outlets. Unfortunately, the significance of her corruption and cronyism tends to become lost in the now-meaningless hyperbole of ubiquitous "News Alert" banners..

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Anonymous said...

An excellent compilation and commentary.

Anonymous said...

this back & forth has been going on for 4 years . I'm sick of it. Campaigning should be illegal until 6 mos. before any election.
No reason for every waking hour to be inundated with this malarky!