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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Shock Horror!

By Thornton Crowe

Everyone was so surprised when Great Britain voted to leave the European Union last Thursday. It certainly was a huge defeat for globalists (the European version of our DC Establishment) who thought they had Europe sewn up without a hitch! Guess bets are not always as they seem...

All opinion polls said the Remains were going to be the victors, so what happened?

LA Mayor Tom Bradley (1982)
Interesting question... with a simple answer: The Bradley Effect. Many of you may also know this as the Wilder Effect as it also happened to Doug Wilder in his run run for Virginia governor some years after Bradley.

Back in 1982, then Los Angeles mayor, Tom Bradley ran for governor of California. Pretty much the same thing happened. All the opinion and exit polls demonstrated he would win by a landslide. Looking like he was 14% above his challenger, he was assured to win. Well, as you can guess, he lost miserably, leaving many perplexed as to what happened. Hence, when it was discovered...

Many voters, afraid of being called racist for not wanting to vote for him. In the spirit of politically correct and fear of public humiliation, they hid their real intentions and voted the way they wanted in the voting booth. Needless to say, the media and pollsters were left scratching their pointed little heads because they called it based on the opinion polls.

Brexit Celebration
It's safe to assume this is exactly why the shock is still rippling from across the pond to America and beyond to Southeast Asia... Everyone hasn't even begun to recover from Great Britain's escape from a failing New World Order conglomerated that's been around since 1973.

Like the Donald Trump supporters, the  Leave people were called racists and every other name imaginable. Result: they answered pollsters' questions disingenuously as to not be ostracized. Therefore, when the votes were tallied and it became clear the Leaves had it, everyone in the world - especially the investors, were shocked beyond belief - as we saw in the market trends on Friday.  (Note: A temporary hiccup as markets always right themselves after the globalists' temper tantrums are done.)

Trump Rally of Diversity
How does this correlate between Brexit and our election in November? Simple. All these recent polls show Hillary Clinton as being close to Trump -- some even show him dropping, but is Brexit the teller of things to come? Could it be  a lot of Trump supporters are simply saying what will give them a path of least resistance rather than telling the truth?

Hate to break it to you diehard liberals,  many people - conservatives, independents and even some disgruntled Democrats, are closet  Trump supporters. Why?

Houston, Texas
With all the Sores-financed agitators and riots, many fear their desire for financially sustaining jobs, objections to the massive migrant invasion of America with unvetted refugees and illegals as well as future security will cause them to be demonized and vilified like the people they see on television being harassed at Trump events. So tired of being beaten down for having an opinion based on their own needs and wanting Americans to be first and only special interest group to DC elites, they keep quiet.

If you notice, most times, the closet Trump people simply smile and say nothing at all or nod in agreement while changing the subject. Because, after all, what goes down in the booth is between an individual and Mr. Voting Machine - no one else's business whatsoever. 

Albany, NY
Want proof? Look at his rallies.They are packed to the gills in huge venues! 

The way the mainstream media heralds his lack of Latino, Black or Female voters, one would think he wouldn't be able to fill a one stall bathroom! Yet, images completely counter their nonsensical banter and fishy little polls. He's filling arenas with thousands upon thousands of seats with people lined up outside, waiting to enter. In fact, more people come out now than in the beginning of the primary when he was a novelty.

Does this mean all the so-called opinion polls are telling false tales and another Bradley Effect is at play? Perhaps. It does smack of the later given the hard evidence.

Guess we'll have to wait for November 8th to find out, much like we wait to see what Santa has for us under the tree on Christmas morning!


Per a request from one of my readers, here are two Clinton Rally pictures. (See Getty Images Watermark for Authenticity). From the looks of it, it's a fairly recent image! The second has a corresponding story with link listed. While some of her rallies are packed, they are usually in small venues; not the type of rallies as seen with Trump's campaign!
Getty Images

Fox News Image


Anonymous said...

Obama would have persisted until the bitter end if he had thought the vote could possibly go this way.I am convinced of that.This will involve a 2 year adjustment for markets to settle,but future Brexit's won't have as much of an impact because the outcome will be anticipated.

Anonymous said...

A perfect example of how the pollsters manipulate the statistics is that they have Hillary beating Sanders. Yet ALL the photos of Hillary rally attendees don't add up to even ONE of Bernie's crowds!

Show those photos! Reality doesn't lie!

Oh, there aren't any? Oh...

Anonymous said...

You're right on it, Thornton.
Everyone should memorize this factoid:
In recent years the polls have ALWAYS been wrong-- ALWAYS to the benefit of the left.
Polls = Propaganda

Anonymous said...

9:26 - If the HildaBeast hadn't been rigging the primaries with the super-delegates, it would be a different general election later this year.

Let's hope the Brexit is a foreteller of November!

We can't let the dumbocrats or socialists win!

Anonymous said...

Only socialists were against brexit.

Anonymous said...

Judging from talking heads this morning, they act as if they don't even understand people aren't being honest when polled. It's already looking like an election of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Some in parliament are probably reeling because now they are forced to come up with new agreements. It might just entail work for a change. As for our election it seems this is true. Have a hard time believeing Trump is as unpopular as the media would have us believe. Pictures don't lie and if he were so demonic he wouldn't be drawing these crowds. Romney didn't even have these kinds of crowds during the general election last time around.

KBinLA said...

Former Eagle, Don Henley, wrote a lyric in his song 'Working It' that I have borrowed many times to illustrate the 'global elite' and their contemptuous attitude.

"But, the barons in the balcony
are laughing and pointing to the pits.
They say., Ahh., look,
they've grown accustomed to the smell
now people love that sh!t

Even as he wrote it he knew it was dated. That the baron's demise was imminent. And, it has started.

Steve said...

If anybody has a picture with a recent date on it showing that a Hillary Rally crowd is as big as a Trump Rally, please send it in to Joe.


Oh, and not the "Send Hillary to Prison" Rally. That was different!

Thornton Crowe said...

12:26PM As per your request, I did an update with recent Clinton Rally images. While she does have a decent showing at most of her events, keep in mind, they are done in relatively small to medium size venues. The attendance is dwarfed by the size and magnitude of Trump's rallies. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

The photo on the trailer has a safety issue. Wide loads like that should be placarded with a safety triangle. But laws are for the little people!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Crowe,
You don't understand how politics works in the modern era.
The richest people on the planet decide who will win the election.
They already decided who would run.

I'm pretty sure they want Hillary.
They will probably get what they paid for.

The voting machines are well, machines.
It will be a rigged election.

Anonymous said...

233 with an attitude like yours its no wonder this country is in such despair right now. Apparently you don't know people. What happened in England is about to happen here. Get ready for President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I think it's you, 233, who doesn't know much about the changing trends in our elections and how people are finally waking up to this rigged system. The people I know are hell-bent on changing that system. Why aren't you?

Steve said...

Wow, the Bernie rallies were 10x these pictures, Thornton! But not as big as Trump's. Trump had more outside that didn't get in the stadiums than any other candidate had at any of their rallies.

The polls are cherry picked to sway the masses. We all laugh, and nod.

Then, we will VOTE!

Anonymous said...

2:36, 2:33 knows what we all know. Just like Salisbury run for mayor it was rigged or we would have Joe now. I pray we have Trump as the next pres.. But I'm sure we won't. The Bi8ch will win. GOD help us. map

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to point out all the mistakes in this editorial. Remember the last presidential election when we Republicans thought our polls showed Romney winning right before he lost.

Trump is a reality TV show, very entertaining unlike Hillery who is cursed with seriousness. The difference between them is one behaves like a crazed yelling and hollering talk show host who knows very little about anything except his great self and how the brexit is going to improve business at his golf course in Scotland. The other is a a sedate proper NPR talk show host who has studied and worked with the issues for years. Those NPR shows put a lot of people to sleep. That may explain fewer people at her rallies and why I am falling asleep right now.

Anonymous said...

But Hillary is gaining in the polls. Some people just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

633 that's exactly the point. They looked like they were winning and boom! Just like Clinton looks like she's gaining or surpass Trump but in reality, is she? People aren't being honest. Please re-read the editorial because you just restated exactly the scenario it talks about.

Anonymous said...

644 apparently you're not getting the point! What is with people in this place and reading comprehension! I only read it once and got it.

Anonymous said...

With positive thinking like that map, nothing will change. If Brits had this attitude they wouldn't have voted to leave the EU.

Anonymous said...

Most of the evangelicals didn't turn out for Romney because they don't like Mormans. Trump does have a ton of support from the evangelicals with the help of some prominent evangelical leaders endiirsing him. You really believe it's the same thing? Really?

Anonymous said...

It's not 'his' golf course. He doesn't own Trump anymore. His kids do. His economic plan and stances on things like immigration are both doable and widely accepted. You're using NPR as a source. The same NPR that's supported by the government?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone is getting this article. 451 got it, why can't the rest of the commenters. Is it ignorance by choice or what?

Anonymous said...

What's fascinating is how many uninformed people live around here.

Anonymous said...

7:27. It is not just on the shore. There are uninformed people all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Well if they want to preserve any essence of what America was started for, they'd better wise up before November, 746

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what the people want if they allow themselves to vote on electronic machines.
Americans are so ignorant of technology and that is why the elites continue to take advantage.
They rig elections, markets, LIBOR, COMEX, FOREX, all interest rates, bond rates and values.

It is too late for a political movement. They already have the police state in place.
Hunker down and take care of your family.
Become a prepper. Get ready for unrest and a break down of society.

Order out of Chaos.

Anonymous said...

People are so naive!
The US and all major governments of the world are now managed by the financial elites who are born into unimaginable wealth. These people are convinced that they are qualitatively better humans than the rest of us. Their religion dictates that no other race of people matter. Everyone is born to serve them.

The elections are a distraction. They aren't going to allow you to make a decision. Not any serious decisions.

The economy is about to implode. It was structured into a global cabal so the richest people on earth could own all physical assets in a short period of time. They now own everything. They won. We lose.

Get ready for the horrors of a currency collapse and social chaos.

Anonymous said...

Just remember: The minority reigns because of the cowardice and laziness of the majority!

Anonymous said...

Some of the uninformed will vote according to polls instead of looking into what the candidates represent. Many younger voters only look at what they can get out of the government. Too bad they weren't around when Kennedy said,"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I am a closet Trump supporter. I would've voted for any of the other Republicans running before I'd vote for Trump. But we have to assume he'll be the official nominee, so I'll vote for him before any of the others running. And only because I think he will surround himself with smarter people than he seems to be.

Thornton Crowe said...

As I indicated in my article, the markets have already begun to right themselves. Gains today off set yesterday! The sky has cease to fall!

Anonymous said...

"Honey, Hillary's coming to town this weekend for a rally."

"Really? Want to go?"

"No, I'd rather dig out the septic tank."

"I'll give you a hand."