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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Courts say living by Christian faith illegal

It started out with hints of official, United States governmental oppression of Christianity as soon as same-sex “marriage” became a bullet point for activists – little things like “discrimination” complaints that those choosing alternative sexual lifestyles somehow weren’t applauded as they thought they deserved.

Then it became confrontational for Christians who were simply choosing to live by their beliefs – beliefs similar to those held by the nation’s founders. Bakers were penalized for not promoting homosexuality, ditto for photographers and venue owners. Government officials publicly vilified their Christian faith and ordered them, in some case, re-educated.

Now two rulings have been released that cement the American court system’s determination that Christians must not be allowed, under threat of penalty and punishment, to live as they believe in business or in public life.

Specifically, the U.S. Supreme Court left standing a lower court decision that Washington state pharmacists who are Christian must violate their faith in order to practice their profession. And the second decision came from a federal judge in Mississippi who had established a reputation for ruling against Christians who said county clerks in the state must violate their faith in order to hold their office.


Anonymous said...

Yep the end is near guess who in concert with satans angel (muslims) will enforce a mark on you? You awake? Paying attention. Better pray,because it is getting sinister.
To be initiated into the Shrine, to become a Shriner, as part of their blood oath at the altar of initiation, the Shriner must bow down, with his hands tied behind his back, and swear an oath in the name of "Allah, the God of our Fathers!" Now, it is important to remember that the Islamic god, Allah, is in no way connected to the true God of the Bible. Allah is a pagan, Arabic deity. Allah is a false god. Allah is not the God of Judaism and Christianity; and Allah's prophet, Mohammed, was a false prophet who has led millions of people astray!
As if that wasn't bad enough, most Shriners have no idea about the symbolism portrayed on the red fez hats they proudly wear. Each red Fez worn by the Shriners has on the front an Islamic sword and crescent moon prominently displayed and encrusted with jewels. The crescent moon is the most common Islamic symbol. In fact, it is found on the top of every Muslim mosque around the world and on the flags of many Islamic nations. The crescent moon represents the god of Islam, Allah, who was the pagan moon deity of Mohammed's tribe, the Quraysh of Arabia. When Mohammed conquered Mecca in Saudi Arabia by force in 630 A.D. he destroyed all of the 360 pagan tribal deities in the Kaaba and set up his tribal deity, the moon god, Allah, as the chief deity of Arabia. Later, when he tried to convince the Jews and Christians of Arabia to worship Allah, they refused, knowing the true identity of Allah, and Mohammed then began his bloody conquest of the Arabian peninsula, slaughtering thousands by the sword, the very same Islamic sword celebrated on the Shriner's red fez!

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, if mormons can forcefully marry 13 yr old brides, muslims cant do honor killings, and rastafarians still can smoke a joint when and wherever they wish, Christians also have tonconform to the same governmemt standard.

Anonymous said...

6:22 that is the truth. Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God.

Drew said...

They need to find a job that will not conflict with their faith. One that you are not obligated to serve the public.

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening. Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it.

Here was my thought:

Jesus Christ identified the Saducees as "liars like your father, Satan"

He (Satan) is a liar and the father of it.

I believe the satan worshippers of the New Testament were very clearly the elite Jews.
Not to be confused with the non-elite Jews of the day. They were the ones' being taken advantage of by the Saducees. It was the Saducees who later became the Talmud writers and hence gave to the world the very satanic Talmudian Judaism we have today. They became involved in witchcraft and magic. Eventually non-jews were invited to join the satanic occult. They make up modern day Freemasonry.

Anonymous said...


lmclain said...

Does "re-education" sound like something from Mao's book?
Yes. Yes it does. And it's NOT a coincidence, either.
Keep cheering!

Steve said...

No, 758, fortunately, it's not the beginning of the end, but the Education of the masses that is occurring and needs to expand so that idiots are outnumbered at yhe Polls in November. That's the nut to crack here.

Anonymous said...

Jesus told us this would happen but most people don't realize the prophecies of Scriptures that have and are coming to past. He told us (as Christians) we would be hated and persecuted for His sake, that the "beginning of sorrows" would reveal signs in the heavens (frequent eclipses, blood moons, falling debris from outer space, etc.) The cashless society is just around the corner. How much more proof do people need to see to realize this is the beginning of the end of this age. Are you ready for His return?

Anonymous said...

Silly Christians and your silly persecution complexes. It's absolutely amazing.

Explain to me, how 75% of this country that identifies as Christian, almost all the politicians, judges, law writers, representatives, save a scant few in the history of this nation, on the federal and state side have been overwhelmingly Christian, that you are being persecuted in any way.

Please to explain and support that Christians are persecuted in America today, when you have overwhelmingly controlled the law making, the courts, the public and the private sector. Please tell me how you can possibly be persecuted when you are the dominating part of society.

I am eager to hear how you explain it, because it seems to me if you are being persecuted, it is by laws that you wrote, by legislators you elected that belong to your religion...and enforced by judges that are from your churches.

I think you just have a persecution delusion, and I don't blame you for it... your religion almost demands that you feel persecuted because your holy texts say you will be. But understand, from my perspective, it looks to be absolute and sheer delusion.

You see, Christians don't get special privilege. They are as equal as everyone else. I think you confuse persecution with not being allowed to force your religious perspective down everyone else's throat.

Wanna see persecution? Spend a month telling everyone you know you are Atheist. When you probably loose your job, and are disavowed by family and friends...treated like a second class citizen, your kids are told they can't play with their friends, come back and tell me about persecution.

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you and your family 1:14.When everything happens,that the Bible is saying, is going to happen, you will relies the one true God. That every knee is going to bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:48

Do me a favor. Don't pray. Take the time you were going to use to pray and actually DO something that will benefit someone. Help out a homeless person, volunteer at a school, just DO something.

If you believe that your deity has a plan, then your prayer will effect not a single thing. It is wasted energy. It is a way for you to think you are effecting something when you are not.

If you see someone drowning, what will save them? Jumping in and pulling them out, or wishing them your thoughts and prayers?

Another note, I don't believe in your, or any deity. So the threats and hells of these deities also do not scare me. It does not help your cause to try to convince someone of your position with threats and extortion arguments... you may want to try a different tactic.

Anonymous said...

This is not a tactic, it's the truth if it's written in the word of God, then I believe it. You will too one day.

Anonymous said...


"You will too one day"....

See? You are still doing it.

You make the claim that "it's truth if its written in the word of God"

First, demonstrate that it is in fact the word of God, then demonstrate that it is true.

Until you can do this, your claims can be dismissed.

Keep in mind, you made the claim. I bear no responsibility to provide any evidence or info discrediting it. You bear the burden of proof.

Anonymous said...

At 7:29am. I do work with mentally and physically challenge people 5 days a week, also volunteer at a food pantry,and have made meals for the hungry,I would help anyone, if they needed help including someone that was drowning,I would help you if I could.Not sure you would want it by your reaction.I don't mean to offend anyone.It's just how I believe, sorry.We can agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...


What you can also do is stop offering to "pray" for people when you don't know how to effectively argue your position. It's a cheap "out" that I get from theists when they get reasoned into a corner and can't get out and, to me, it sounds like a nanny nanny boo boo I'm right you're wrong argument when you've got nothing left.

It's a passive aggressive declaration of victory that is meaningless and empty.

Anonymous said...

Christians are being persecuted everyday by Muslims. They are not only persecuted but killed and beheaded and Christian women and young girls raped. Don't you see the world news. And according to Obama we are no longer a Christian nation but a Muslim nation. He is changing the history books saying Muslims helped build our nation. Obama is importing Muslims and forcing us to except them as he bring in thousands and millions of Muslim refugees.He is also putting Muslims in high government jobs so they can push their religion on us. He persecuted Christians by saying. separation of church and state. But does not use separation of church and state when it involves Muslims. He tries to make laws making it illegal to persecute or discriminate against a Muslim. So yes Christian are persecuted because of one Muslim. Our President Barack Hussein Obama.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:24

Clearly the context is American Culture.

Yes, in countries other than America religious fanatics are killing in the name of their religion.

Christians will point to their persecution, Jews will point to theirs, Muslims to theirs.

But in America, Christian persecution does not exist.

Unknown said...

Bakers, photographers and pharmacists trying to live out their faith by choosing not to embrace gay marriage and Little Sisters being bullied into providing birth control would disagree. They are told if they don't like it get into a new line of work. Balancing everyones rights in our republic is not easy I admit but it seems like Christians are getting the short end of the stick. I can't agree with your comment that laws were made by Christians. They are being foisted upon us by unelected out of control activist judges. They are over riding the elected lawmakers and therefore will of the people.

Anonymous said...


When a group that has enjoyed unjust privilege for a long time, to them it will seem like persecution when they have to be as equal as everyone else.

bayman said...

Why is it that gays can live by their beliefs even though it goes against Christian values, but Christians cannot live by the beliefs because it goes AGAINST gay values? Government is sticking it's nose where it does not belong, people. Whats next? Sex with children being made legal?

Anonymous said...

@ 11:47 Bayman

Lets try this again to clear some things up.

Your religious liberty is protected. That means if your religion says to not be gay or get gay married YOU get to follow that rule. You do not get to impose that upon someone else... this would not be religious liberty, it would be discrimination.

The straw man argument does not apply here, pedophilia and sometimes people also use bestiality because children and animals are not adults, and cannot consent. This argument fails.