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Friday, June 10, 2016

Goodson Trial: Judge Rejects Dismissal, Admonishes Prosecutors, Seven Witnesses Called

The trial of Officer Caesar Goodson wrapped up for the day at around 4:45 p.m.

The first day of this trial included seven prosecution witnesses, all testifying in about a three hour period this afternoon.

Witnesses included Officer Caesar Goodson’s field training officer, Officer Dennis Smith.

He said Goodson was trained in how to put a prisoner into a seat belt in his van, and Goodson knew it was required.

Also testifying, the crime lab technician who took photos of the van that carried Freddie Gray, and the city purchasing officer who approved the purchase of the 2011 van.

This trial almost ended before it began, when Judge Barry Williams held a hearing on a defense request to dismiss the charges against Officer Caesar Goodson, over the state’s failure to tell the defense they interviewed Donta Allen.



Anonymous said...

IF all police vehicles had dash cams, you would have heard this kids trying to hurt himself if that is indeed the case... It is their word against his and he is dead... And not that it matters there are 2 sets of laws, the slave laws, I.E. you non cops, have to follow laws and illegal commands by cops and cops follow no laws... it is that simple...

Anonymous said...

I understood there was another prisoner
in the vehicle too. if true, what
is he saying happened?

Anonymous said...

Kid was cuffed. He didn't unbuckle the seat belt . It's simple nazi cop 11:55. The cop is trained to secure all prisoners in seat belts. This cop ,the driver didn't. he failed to comply with rules . Like you cops lovers say. Do what the cops say...... time for cops who do what they want to be held accountable. If a cops fails to simply buckle a seat belt..... what else do police fail to do? I'm all for police! When they do their jobs right!

Anonymous said...

He was not a kid losers he was a criminal being transported to jail. For Christ sake you libtards are all the same. A Black Judge has cleared two of the cops the rest will also be found innocent. It was not a crime. The family got 5 million for this drug dealing thug. He was not worth five bucks. I bet if you ask his ghetto dwelling family if they would give up the five mill to get him back you might be surprised by the answer. He was trouble since he was ten years old.

No loss Libtards.

Anonymous said...

The hand writing is on the wall for this guy......the big net they cast...was only to catch one guy and one guy alone. This guy is as good as in jail. Note that they didn't schedule his case first....and the other two didn't go so well for the prosecution....

You have to lose a few to get what you REALLY want. Strike 3...and your out. This is a mental game and it is all in the numbers. I would have played it the same way if I was the prosecutor. They were all charged to make sure that one man was convicted. I'm not saying that he should or should not do time...or that he is or is not guilty of anything (I don't know, I was not there)... what I'm saying is this is how you make certain that at least one criminal case sticks.