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Friday, June 10, 2016

Child Sends Heartfelt Note After Taking Cone From National Park

THREE RIVERS, Calif. (WJZ)—A youngster who took a cone from a national park in California says they are sorry in a heartfelt note sent to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

The national park says they received a note from someone claiming they took a cone and wanted to apologize for their decision.

The note reads: “To whom it may concern, I took a pine cone out of the forestand and I wanted to return it. I hope it will be placed near the General Grant Tree because that is where I took it. I am sorry for my decision.”



Anonymous said...

Poor child.
Why don't the parents explain that God made the pine cone, and any human is certainly more important than a pine cone?

Anonymous said...

He stole an item from the national park, he is lucky he was not arrested. Good lesson for this budding thief!

Anonymous said...

Probably the first time something like this ever happened,Lol.