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Friday, June 10, 2016

Push to revamp Delaware criminal code opposed by police, prosecutors

Leo Strine
DOVER — The courts and Department of Justice are butting heads over an initiative that would rewrite the state’s criminal code, illustrating a startling discrepancy in the views of the chief justice and the attorney general.

Chief Justice Leo Strine has pushed for large-scale criminal law reform, but Attorney General Matt Denn and law enforcement are staunchly opposed, raising questions about the possibility of such an enterprise.

Wednesday, a select group of lawmakers received an overview on the initiative, and afterward Mr. Denn issued criticisms that seemed to be aimed at the courts.

Language included in the budget in 2014 created a committee made up of members of the judicial, legislative and executive branches to review the state’s criminal statutes and propose changes, with an eye toward simplifying provisions, eliminating redundant language and potentially lessening some charges.



Anonymous said...

This is a move to bring in Sheria Laws.

Anonymous said...

Well Sheria Laws are more stick than ours and it involves hurting and killing and beating people... I am sure you ass cheek sucking cop lovers would love that!!!!!

TO be able to beat your wife with that roid rage you all have....

Anonymous said...

“...The code as it’s written now has existed for 40 years, all of the terms have been interpreted by the courts, prosecutors and law enforcement officers know what they mean, and when you eliminate all of them, create brand-new ones and hit the reset button, you create a tremendous amount of uncertainty that we think is a serious public safety issue...”

So the police are afraid of change because of the uncertainty. Never mind the daily injustices being carried out on law-abiding citizens by over-zealous law enforcement. Give me a break.