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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cops And Courts – June 17, 2016

High-Speed Chase Reaches 180 MPH

OCEAN CIT — A Glen Burnie man faces a slew of traffic and criminal charges this week after a high-speed chase last weekend that began in Ocean City, continued into northern Worcester County and returned back to the resort again before the suspect ditched his motorcycle and fled police on foot.

Around 3:20 a.m. last Sunday, an OCPD officer on uniformed patrol in the area of Coastal Highway and Route 90 when he heard a motorcycle accelerating at a high rate of speed. The officer noted in his report he actually heard the motorcycle accelerating before he saw it. The officer observed the operator, later identified as Deshea Brooks, 31, of Glen Burnie, heading westbound on Route 90 while following vehicles at a dangerously close distance, passing vehicles by crossing the center line on the two-lane highway and passing vehicles on the shoulder. The officer clocked Brooks going 86 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone.

According to police reports, the officer activated his lights and siren in an attempt to affect a traffic stop, but Brooks failed to stop and accelerated away even faster. With Brooks leaving Ocean City corporate limits, the OCPD officer broadcasted a description of the motorcycle and the operator to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office.

Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputies picked up the pursuit as the chase continued through northern Worcester County including Berlin with speeds reaching 180 mph at different times. Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputies discontinued their pursuit when they learned one of their officers had stopped Brooks and issued to him a minor traffic citation prior to the OCPD’s initial contact with him. Essentially, with information on Brooks and his motorcycle already in hand, there was no reason to continue the dangerous high-speed pursuit.

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Anonymous said...

Anywhere in Wicomico County one can stand outside at night and hear motorcyclists attempting to break the sound barrier.Why do manufacturers build these bikes anyway? What was wrong with the bikes that maxed out at 100 mph? I had a really nice chopper that wouldn't go over 105 if my life depended on it.There was definately a time when bikes were much more attractive then they are now.Poor road surface quality and fast bikes don't equate.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like people better be really careful in O.C. when on the road. Several of these stories involved high speed. Not high speed chases, but high speed on the part of the perpetrators thinking they will get away. How dumb.

Anonymous said...

No matter how hard we try, stupid cannot be fixed!

Brian Dayton said...

Looks like the "family friendly" resort is at it again.

Anonymous said...