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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trailer - A Stranger in Town (1943) A MUST WATCH VIDEO

This is a short clip of A Stranger in Town where the star, Frank Morgan, is giving a speech concerning the responsibilities of citizenship. Regretfully, far too many of today's 'citizens' don't fulfill their responsibility to help keep American free and uncorrupted. We are now faced with the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen. Much can be gained by watching this little gem about small town corruption and what it takes to rid the town of corrupt and evil politicians. The same principals apply to our national politicians and government as well.


Anonymous said...

Two minutes of truth from seventy years ago.

Anonymous said...

It is now very difficult to confront freemasonry either at the local level or at a national level.
Dangerous at the international level for sure.
Best to keep your mouth shut, your head down, and protect your family.
The country is already gone.