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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Repeat Offender Ordinance Headed To Council; Ocean City Could Pass As Emergency Measure

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials this week advanced an ordinance that will, if approved, enhance penalties for those issued civil citations for various offenses but flaunt the law and continue the same illegal activity throughout the same day.

Last month, the Police Commission began cursory discussions about enhanced subsequent penalties for individuals who might receive a civil citation for a minor offense early in the day and continue the same illegal activity for the rest of the day. The commission began exploring another tool in the tool box that would allow police officers to issue stiffer penalties for repeat offenders.

On Wednesday, the Police Commission continued that debate and ultimately voted to forward an ordinance to the Mayor and Council as soon as this Monday. Because of the time of year and the onset of the summer season, the measure will be considered an emergency ordinance when it comes before the elected officials on Monday and would be effective immediately upon its passage.

OCPD Captain Kevin Kirstein said the idea had its roots in the street performers, some of whom in the past would not adhere to the regulations on the Boardwalk in terms of where they could operate or noise levels, for example. However, Kirstein said on Wednesday the enhanced penalties could be applied to other municipal infractions.


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Rut roh...we made a law that has as many holes as baby swiss....lets fix it real quick like!