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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

171 School Support Staffers To Be Laid Off

Word of specific job cuts is now coming from Baltimore school system headquarters, on North Avenue. School system officials say 171 full-time positions will be eliminated.

Interim schools CEO Tammy Turner announced earlier this month that several employees would be let go in order to further close the school district's budget deficit.

“This is a hard time for the entire City Schools community,” acting CEO Tammy Turner said in a statement. “Eliminating staff is a difficult decision, and it isn’t one the district takes lightly. I want to offer my sincere gratitude to the employees who are leaving for their dedication and commitment to our students and schools.”

Those opposed to the cuts said jobs that are on the chopping block will affect the classroom.

While it does not appear classroom teachers will be affected by the job cuts, employees that support them may be headed to the unemployment line by the end of next month. However, officials said, qualified staff impacted by the layoffs can be transferred or reassigned to other positions after theirs are eliminated on June 30.



Anonymous said...

I can remember when teaching meant job security on all levels. This country is in poor shape.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Obama! !! No budget for 8 years. 20 trillion in debt. Now your house of cards is falling down. Wait till your Obama care does its number on the economy. More terrorists coming in sick get the life out of us. Yet will have fools who say Obama is a great president. SMH!!

Anonymous said...

Charm City it ain't.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore, another bastion of DEMOCRAT LIBERAL success!
It is an affirmative action Mecca for failure of everything from government to public schools.
Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is a case study of incompetence and ignorance, as is mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake.
Baltimore is crumbling in every way under a long line of failed DEMOCRAT politicians.
Every statistic shows the decay. murder rates, crime statistics, even STI rates are soaring in that community yet to see
the mayor speak publicly you'd think Baltimore was the # 1 all American city when in fact it is a 3rd world cesspool with social statistics more akin to a city in Kenya.
Salisbury is not far behind.
This is the writing on the 21st. Century wall thanks to people like Chuck Cook, Jim Ireton and Martin O'Malley and their FAILED Marxist Socialist ideals.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me if they are laying off all those people , they didn't need them anyway. Mmm , makes you wonder who's the captain of this sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

As this administration ends we will see more and more of this failed attempt to alter the Nation. Obama , who will you blame now?

Anonymous said...

5:12 AM you left out Jake Day Josh Hastings, the Gillis Gilkerson boys, etc.