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Saturday, April 02, 2016

The NSA Is Terrified of Hillary

Former NSA and CIA director, retired General Michael Hayden, is speaking out and telling the world Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server scheme violated our national security and places lives at risk.

Hayden is not a man who scares easily or speaks in hyperbole. He is a retired United States Air Force four-star general, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Washington Examiner reports:

"What she set up was inconceivable. And the explanations since that point are incoherent," retired Gen. Michael Hayden told Al Jazeera's Mehdi Hasan, in an interview set to air next week.

Asked if it was likely that the Russian and Chinese governments had possession of her emails, Hayden replied "Yeah," and suggested it wasn't just them.

"I would lose respect for scores of intelligence organizations around the planet if they were not already thumbing through the emails," Hayden said.

Source: AAN


Anonymous said...

Hayden is right. Used to be my boss.

Regardless, Hillary's violations are as serious or worse than the ex General implies. She is NOT someone you want leading this country. Let them go on filming role playing games with Bill and his Sax. That would be funny and entertaining but would hurt nobody.

Anonymous said...

Treason comes in many forms.

Anonymous said...

The woman has more lies than an addict after your money.

Anonymous said...

Running for president while being investigated by FBI.