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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Why Those Who Can Are Fleeing This Failed State

France is in trouble. Through the embrace of nihilism, socialism, and moral relativism, the cheese eating surrender monkeys across the Atlantic have created a moral and spiritual blackhole in their country, ready to be filled by radical Islamists. The exile began with French Jews, who suffered long before the country was invaded by North Africans. Now, France's millionaires are following them:

Rising tensions in France, especially in Paris following a series of Islamist terrorist attacks in 2015, have spurred an exodus of its super-wealthy citizens, a new report on migration trends of millionaires and high-net worth individuals across the world reveals. The report warns that other European countries, including the UK, Belgium, Germany and Sweden "where religious tensions are starting to emerge", will also see similar trends.

Regarding a Brexit, the report suggests millionaires would want to stay in Britain even if it leaves the single currency bloc.

The report was compiled by New World Wealth, an agency that gives information on the global wealth sector. The report was based on data collected from investor visa programme statistics of each country; annual interviews with around 800 global high net worth individuals and with intermediaries like migration experts, second citizenship platforms, wealth managers and property agents; data from property registers and property sales statistics in each country; and by tracking millionaire movements in the media.

France could be setting the table for the rest of Europe, and the United States should take advantage of this opportunity. Instead of welcoming hordes of illiterate, likely to be government dependent Mexicans and Islamic radicals, we should open our doors to those literate and high skilled Europeans who have seen the ravages of socialism firsthand, and are ready to contribute to growing our economy and enriching our culture.

Source: American Action News

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Anonymous said...

I was a 3rd generation member of a Maryland family. I got it over 10m years ago when Maryland built MD100 "FOR ME" so I could commute faster. It never happened and MD177 never got improved, just overbuilt. Sure, MD is great for those Federally funded jobs but, you gotta keep you eye open for when you want quality of life. Lying Martin and now Lying Ted are just the product of how sick Maryland's management has become. Hey, now OC is advertising your DREAM job driving a garbage truck for the summer.