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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Walmart’s First-ever Revenue Drop

Not every milestone is worth celebrating.

For the first time ever – or at least since the company went public some 45 years ago – Walmart's revenues shrank from the year before, according to its annual financial filing released Wednesday.

Walmart is clearly having trouble adapting its gigantic stores to the Internet age. To be sure, it is a retail juggernaut that brings in half a trillion dollars (that’s right, trillion) in sales every year. And with more than 11,500 stores in 28 countries,there’s no way it will disappear anytime soon.

Still, Walmart might have just hit its growth limit.

And the sales dip comes despite the fact that Walmart spent $11.5 billion (roughly matching what J.C. Penney made in sales last year) to build more than 400 new stores, remodel old locations, and revamp its website and other technology to better serve its customers.



Anonymous said...

They're seeing the public's rejection of the constant crap we get from China - and the way they treat their employees!

Anonymous said...

"..Walmart is clearly having trouble adapting its gigantic stores to the Internet age.."

The problem is not the internet. It's Walmart. After all these years, people have finally seen what Walmart and Sams is all about, and we're sick of it.

I only go there when I have to.

Anonymous said...

@2:15pm You never HAVE to go to walmart. There are plenty of stores that sell everything that walmart does. You may have to go to multiple stores or you may even have to pay a little bit more, but there isn't one thing walmart sells that you can't get somewhere else.