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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Subject: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, The UK has been Selected the World’s Best Educated Country

A new number one is projected to win NJ MED’s fourth- annual global rankings of the world’s top 20 education systems for 2016.

Without, understanding how the two work together, and developing solutions, the concept of educating every child is undoable.
— Educate Every Child on the Planet

Unlike traditional educational ranking system polls. NJ MED also uses their global rankings has an indicator of a nation’s economic growth potential, as it relates to developing a healthy workforce for sustaining its education system for children, according to Mr. Albert Mitchell, the Executive Director of NJ MED.

The United Kingdom was selected to win this year’s poll, by two-points over Japan, and ten-points over last year’s winner South Korea. The results were based on a nation’s last year’s ranking in three global poll ranking systems - US News, MBC Times, and NJ MED - that measured academic standards, international performances on test scores, and surveys from students.

Mr. Mitchell added, “Our annual monitoring (in four-quarters) of nation’s economic and social capacities, makes these rankings more relevant, then a tribute to current education standards. Nation’s like India, Greece, and third world countries with weak trade agreements will always face immeasurable odds in educating their children.”



Anonymous said...

It's not that British people are more intelligent, they just have a better public school system. Many students in the UK leave high school at 16 and start college early. The difference is that British schools offer a much higher standard of general education. Here in the U.S kids graduate high school then pay to go to college and re take gen-ed classes...paying for something they should have been taught in K-12.

Anonymous said...

923, If you, read the article, that was posted, you would have, noticed something, that showed, little knowledge, of punctuation, by the, Brit who, wrote it!

Anonymous said...

They have better teachers who actually teach and not whine about pay EVERY YEAR!!!! Their BOE doesn't have an agenda of in moral values like teaching gay and Transgender is ok. THEY ACTUALLY TEACH MATH,ENGLISH, AND HISTORY!!!!

Anonymous said...

If this is an official opinion, the writer should consider getting a proofreader before publication.