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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Disney Worker, American Father Forced to Retrain Foreign Hires: ‘It Was Torture’

On Breitbart News Sunday, American Disney IT worker Leo Perrero spoke out against one of the world’s largest mass media corporations, which forced him and other well-educated Americans out of their jobs and blackmailed them into training cheap, imported foreign workers without exposing the abuse of the H-1B visa program on pain of losing their severance packages.

Perrero described how the corporation, represented by beloved childhood icon Mickey Mouse, kicked an American father to the curb:

We were given 90 days notice by a prominent Disney executive that we were going to train our foreign replacements. If we didn’t do so, we wouldn’t receive our severance package. Over that 90-day period, they recorded everything we did with the audio and video on our computers, and right at the end, we were ushered out the door. And the foreign workers that were flowing in just weeks before took over our jobs, and we were long gone.



Anonymous said...

And Rubio supported the foreign workers over the American workers. That's why he will loose Florida to Trump.

Anonymous said...

Disney should not be any American's vacation destination this year. Make them feel what happens when American workers are mistreated like this!

@thorntoncrowe said...

Rubio was very complicit with this action, stating he was all for it. His bids for Amnesty have been utterly nauseating, especially when reinforced by House Speaker, Paul Ryan (WI). The Republican establishment has sold out Americans at a time when job creation is going down, not up. Hence, why so many primaries are being sweeper by Donald Trump. Even more a provocative maneuver is the fact that the establishment has been trying desperately to stop Trump from winning the nomination he righty won should this result in a brokered convention.

The time has come for voters to inform themselves on what is at stake with election as our sovereignty as a nation is at stake. Ryan has proved to be effective in passing legislation that brought immigrants and bounced very proficient workers out of their jobs. It is no mystery that the Chamber of Commerce is behind this in a push for cheaper labor. Many documents are available to you if you just surf the Internet and read. The mainstream media has proven impotent in delivering this news and you certainly can't trust network controlled local stations to give you valid information. Remember they're the ones that told us the unemployment rate in January was 4.9% when in fact, it's more like 25%. To boil that down its one in four people who are out of work, unable to provide for themselves and their families.

If ever there were a time when your vote was precious, now is such a time. It's time to buck up and start informing yourselves and quit listening to promises and start looking at actions and results. We can't afford another four years of this inversion in our economy.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2016!!! Putting America back to work again

LadyLiddy said...

I posted this story on Facebook and not one comment! Not one Like!! I love Disney parks and products, but will have to boycott them for this. I'm am thoroughly disgusted.