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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Hateful Message of Black Lives Matter

The words of the movement “Black Lives Matter” is reminiscent to the rhetoric of 1930s Germany where only “Aryan Lives” mattered. Let’s be clear: This rhetorical comparison is not correlated to the actions of the two movements. Both quotes imply that other lives don’t matter. 

 In Pre-WWII Germany the bigoted rhetoric against those who were not Aryan including, but not limited to, Jews and the disabled, created a divide that led to genocide. Though America is not on that course (thankfully), the hateful rhetoric behind “Black Lives Matter” underscores Benjamin Franklin’s prophetic message: United we stand, divided we fall. This hateful rhetoric exemplifies the latter. 

Lives Matter. History has not always been kind to Blacks and other minorities. Jews suffered through exiles, crusades, pogroms, and the Holocaust (included the discriminatory Nuremberg Laws). Blacks suffered through slavery, lynching, and Jim Crow laws, which promoted segregation.



Anonymous said...

But they are never satisfied. all the other races made it out of the gutter accept them! they continue blame racism & whitey for their problems! in spite of them having opportunity after Opportunity handed to them. Yet they still complain. I think those Free things enslaves them But most are too stupid to see how the democrats screw them by enslavement. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of good upstanding black people out there. SOME but allot more need to start standing up against the welfare abuse, the thugs, the baby mamas. Until then, that's why most spit on their plight. Pull your pants up fool be a good start.

Anonymous said...

I disagree - the Black Lies Matter movement wants the destruction of the non-blacks! All you need to do is see how lawless and entitled they act.

Not much different than the slimes chanting death to us.....