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Friday, January 08, 2016

Little Traction For Now On Styrofoam Ban In Ocean City

OCEAN CITY — While not advocating for an outright ban on potentially harmful Styrofoam, the resort’s Coastal Resources Legislative Committee this week decided to pursue the issue further before making any recommendation.

Several progressive communities across the country are already banning polystyrene in the form of Styrofoam cups, plates and carry-out boxes, for example. Closest to home, Montgomery County has implemented a phased-in prohibition with the county government’s ban going into effect this week and a private sector ban implemented a year later.

Ocean City late last year began considering following suit, joining communities up and down the east coast along with forward-thinking cities on the west coast including San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, for example. Any potential ban is likely a long way off and it remains uncertain what a finished product might look like, but at the insistence of a private resident, the Mayor and Council instructed the committee, which is referred to as the Green Team, to at least research the issue and come back with a recommendation.



Anonymous said...

"Forward-thinking cities on the west coast including San Francisco, Seattle and Portland..."

Forward thinking???????

Those cities are chocked full of fruits and nuts and we don't need their ideas any where around here!

Anonymous said...

No 2:00 better to keep the backward thinking huh?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of politics, I'd like to see a return to paper cups and containers since littering laws are rarely enforced. Paper will degrade and go away eventually, styrofoam cups/containers can take decades to disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

Amen 557

I hate styrofoam

At least some places recycle it now