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Friday, January 08, 2016

‘I am pro life': A surrogate mother’s stand against ‘reducing’ her triplets

Melissa Cook said she was confronted with a harrowing decision: Would she abort a fetus she was carrying for someone else?

The 47-year-old Californian had agreed to be a surrogate for a 50-year-old postal worker in Georgia, and she became pregnant last year with three boys. But then, she said later in a lawsuit, the man expressed concerns about his dwindling finances and about the health of the babies. He asked her to undergo “selective reduction” to eliminate one of the embryos.

“I am pro life and I am not having an abortion,” Cook told him, according to court documents. “They are all doing just fine.”

She said he told her he considered adoption but thought it would be cruel to separate the triplets and opted for abortion instead.



Anonymous said...

..and killing an unborn baby isn't cruel????

Anonymous said...

This is not take out food palace. It's 3 lives he made.
Do your jobs, both of you and step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...

A 47 year old woman as a rent-a-womb??

Anonymous said...

The contract should spell everything out. If she singed it, she should be held accountable. If there was nothing in the contract about selective reduction, the biological parents should be ashamed, really ashamed.

Scott said...

I say god bless this woman! There are many who can't have children who would gladly adopt. Financially things always look bad on paper, but the reality isn't always that way. You adjust. You put off buying that new car, or postpone that expensive vacation for a later time when your kids are older. My kids are money well spent! I wouldn't have missed a moment of being able to see them grow up and become the fine young men they are today!!!!