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Friday, January 22, 2016

Kathryn Smith Makes History As NFL's First Female Full-Time Coach

The Buffalo Bills announced Wednesday that Kathryn Smith has been hired as the organization's quality control-special teams coach, making her the first woman to hold a full-time coaching position in the NFL.

Smith spent last season as administrative assistant to the Bills' head coach, Rex Ryan, and prior to that spent 12 years working for the New York Jets, also with Ryan, who was that team's coach until 2015. Smith started as an intern with the Jets in 2003.

In a statement on the team's website, Ryan said Smith "has proven that she's ready for the next step" and added:

"Kathryn Smith has done an outstanding job in the seven years that she has worked with our staff," said Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan. "She certainly deserves this promotion based on her knowledge and strong commitment, just to name a couple of her outstanding qualities, and I just know she's going to do a great job serving in the role of Quality Control-Special Teams."



Anonymous said...

screw the nfl

Anonymous said...

Who cares. The Refs cheat anyway. In 5 years the NFL will be like boxing. FORGOTTEN.

Anonymous said...

What does a Quality Control Special Teams Coach DO ?

Anonymous said...


Rebel Without a Clue said...

So what happens the first time that she's in the locker and one or more of the players walk out of the shower's naked and make the "propeller motion" at her? (I'm sure that many ladies are familiar with this motion.) Or what if they just walk past her without covering up? Does she raise a ruckus or does she just suck it up (no pun intended) and accept the view with the territory?

If you need a reference see the movie "Any Given Sunday" with Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz. You see what I'm referring to.

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Watches game tape.