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Friday, January 22, 2016

Brzezinski: DNC, Hillary Campaign 'Screwed' Themselves

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski said the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign “screwed” themselves by limiting the number of primary debates.

“Yeah, you know what? It’s good that everybody ignored him so much and thought that he was just this crazy socialist that would go away,” Brzezinski said sarcastically as host Joe Scarborough explained how Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls.

“You know, it was really smart of the Clinton campaign, actually, and the DNC trying to try to control the election by making less debates,” she said later on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe.” (VIDEO: Hillary Dodges Question Of Whether Campaign Pressured DNC For Limited Debate Schedule)

“Good on you. You screwed yourself,” Brzezinski said.



Thornton Crowe said...

Bernie is a bit off his rocker, but the fact that he's beating Hillary in some very critical polls and states right now does say more about her lack of competence and integrity than his ability to move her base away from her.

Angela said...

The reason they were limited is, what are they going to ask Hillary? Her failed record as a Secretary of State? Benghazi? Her hubby's indiscretions? Her email fiasco? Seems to me, the DNC knew she is a smoking gun, primed for public scrutiny and any questions of her past would further damn the party's lack of a proper presidential candidate. Agreeably, Brzezinski is right but he should add, the DNC screwed up royally when they allowed her to put in her bid for the Democratic ticket in the first place. Given the FBI investigations and Congressional Hearings have not been secret before her petition was submitted, they should have said, "Better luck next time."

Anonymous said...

Does something stink here? think of it. On the Republican side we have way too many candidates. confusion, divide, conflict. On the opposite side the Democrats once again we have a Socialist Marxist idealology standing tall winning and passing himself off as a DEMOCRAT!! It's time for what? Donald? Maybe? Somehow I feel we are being played again. what are they trying to do to us.

Anonymous said...

i will take sanders over clinton any day