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Friday, January 22, 2016

'What Really Scares Me Are Those Visa Overstays'

The Obama administration has "no way of knowing" which illegal aliens have overstayed their visas — and that's perhaps far more dangerous than those who are crossing the southern border, political strategist Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

"None of the 9/11 terrorists came over the Rio Grande. They all came from visa overstays," Morris said on the premiere episode of "Dennis Michael Lynch: Unfiltered."

"There are two ways that illegal immigrants come into the U.S." Morris said. "They go over the border, which is about two-thirds of them, or they come here legally on a visa and they overstay the 90 days or whatever.

"That's about a third. All of the political attention is on the first group, none on the second group — and yet that's where the terrorists are."


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Anonymous said...

No visas for Muslims, no overstaying visas
by Muslims, less problems from Muslims.